Pickledilly News

Buying a new pickleball paddle?  Check out the grip size chart under the "Information" tab on the menu to see which size is right for you!


The staff at Odell Weeks has asked us to remind our players that the handicap parking spaces in their parking lot require the car have a handicap license tag or a handicap pass displayed on the rear view mirror in the car.  We ask players to please park in these parking spaces only if they have the proper signage displayed on their cars.  Remember that this privilege is only for the handicapped person, so a player who has a qualifying family member cannot take advantage of parking in a handicap space when the qualifying person is not with him/her. These spaces must be reserved for those in need of them.


Mo Garcia has a variety of pickleball paddles for players to try out and/or purchase.  Check out the new "Aiken Pickledilly" paddles in the photo below!  They are available for $45 each.   Mo can be contacted at 803-292-9420 or at Mog01@aol.com 



Pickledillys T-shirts available at the Odell Weeks front desk for $10. 


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