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The results of the pickleball survey are in!  Thank you to Tony Quick for the great job he did on analyzing and presenting all the data.  Click here to see the results.   


Twelve high school exchange students from Munich, Germany arrived in Aiken, SC on April 1, 2017, as part of the German American Partnership Program (GAPP).  They are staying with host families who have students at Aiken High School.  We were asked to introduce pickleball as one of the activities for the students while they are here.

A group of Pickledillys organized the April 3rd event. The German students, along with their American counterparts and members of the host families, came to Odell Weeks for a short talk and pickleball demo.  Afterwards our players each teamed up with a student to teach them how to play.  They jumped right in and embraced the sport!  We then hosted a southern BBQ for everyone.  During the social, each of the German students was presented with a paddle that Mo Garcia designed to commemorate the occasion and the GAPP program.  Following the BBQ, the students returned to the gym and continued playing pickleball for another couple of hours!

We enjoyed this unique opportunity, not only to share our sport with younger people, but to promote good will and friendship between our countries while playing pickleball.

Click here for pictures of this event.



Thank you to Pickleball Central for being one of the sponsors of the upcoming Palmetto Invitational Tournament.  Pickleball Central, which is an online store selling everything related to pickleball, continues to offer our players a 5% discount on their orders.  They also give Odell Weeks a 5% credit on each order.  Just put in the discount code CRODELL when placing your order.  It is a win/win for everyone, and helps pay for pickleball supplies at Odell Weeks.  Check it out at www.pickleballcentral.com.



Tony and Josh shared this article on PGA player Daniel Summerhays and his love of pickleball.  It's very interesting and includes a little of the history of the sport.  To read the article, click here.


We have good news from the City of Aiken on an additional location for outdoor pickleball courts.

 The tennis courts at Kalmia Hill Park should have pickleball lines by the end of May.  See the map below for the location of this park.



From your tournament directors, Keith & Mo:

The 5th annual tournament hosted by Aiken is scheduled for August 18-20, 2017.  The list of tournaments being held on the east coast is growing each year, but as evidenced by returning players from outside Aiken, our tournament remains a primary destination on the tournament calendar.

We know that a main reason for interest in our tournament is the fact that our volunteers help to make it so well run.  And the more volunteers we have, the better it is.  There has been a very strong commitment by our volunteers since the first tournament, and we continue to be very grateful for that involvement.  Spouses, significant others, children, other relatives, neighbors and even house guests, have been volunteers in the past!  Of course, players are encouraged to volunteer as their time permits.

To show appreciation for the critical work of volunteers, tournament management is making sure that all volunteers will receive t-shirts and lunch on the day(s) of participation. Also planned is a room, with refreshments, for volunteers to relax when they are not on duty.

We are beginning our canvass now for volunteers for this year's tournament. We will have a need for volunteers in numerous categories, including but not limited, to:

  • SWAG bags - stuffing pre-tournament gift (SWAG) bags for player arrival
  • T-Shirts - sorting t-shirts by size and then folding
  • Clinic check-in - checking in players for clinics to be held that weekend
  • Tournament check-in - checking in players on days of the tournament
  • Court Monitoring - managing on-court activities/players during matches
  • Facility Management - monitoring restrooms, recycle bins, overseeing distribution of water and bananas
  • Lunch Room - assisting in lunch organization, distribution, cleanliness
  • Other/anything as needed -

Event Desk - This special category to assist in day to day management of matches and results may need some volunteers.

Referees - This special category will require volunteers to attend pre-tournament training sessions and on-court practice prior to the tournament - a further special announcement will come out re: this volunteer requirement.

We need you!  If you are interested in helping to make the Palmetto Indoor Pickleball Doubles Invitational (whew!) another great success, please respond to Mike Beckner at mikewbeckner@gmail.com or Jim Kabel at jrkabel@verizon.net.  They will schedule a meeting in March to discuss your specific interest, details, organization, etc.


The Aiken Pickledilly Rating Committee is comprised of Ron Nelson, Sally Fuller, Paul Leibstein, Nelson Spitnale, Mike Beckner, and Doug Lilly. These sessions are for new players who desire a rating for social play and for those wanting to be re-rated.  If you are happy with your current rating, then there is no need to be rated again.

If you have questions on being rated, you may contact the committee members through the contact page   


The siocial held at Trio's on Friday, February 3 was attended by 31 people. The venue, wait staff, and food was wonderful.  It was a great time with good conversation with good friends.



Why not considering joining USAPA and supporting the sport we all love to play? 

They have recently lowered their rates (adults - 1 year/$20) and also have added more benefits (listed on the application).  Part of the application fee goes towards grants that we ambassadors can apply for when starting programs in new venues.  What a wonderful way to give back to the sport!  

Click here to access the application. 


This past fall, Mo Garcia and Keith Shaver organized outdoor league play for three Aiken area pickleball programs from Woodside Country Club, The Reserve and Virginia Acres at Odell Weeks.  The matches were played over six weeks with 102 participants on eight teams in MD and WD events.  Play was competitive throughout and enjoyed by all the players.  The season ended with a social at the Woodside Country Club on January 26 with 90 players/spouses in attendance. 

Roaming trophies were presented to the 1st place teams in Women's Doubles ~ Pickled Pink, and in Men's Doubles ~ Woodside Picklers.  MVP players honored for their "perfect record" season included Doug Lilly, Bev Edwards and Sandy Staiger.

The spring season is set to begin on March 1st and will run through May 31st.  Interested players should contact Mo Garcia  mog01@aol.com  or Keith Shaver kashaver755@yahoo.com  to sign up.  League play is a great way to improve your game by competing against a variety of players, which will help to prepare you for our upcoming tournament in August!

For pictures of the league social, click here.

Doug Lilly receiving MVP award