Pickledilly News

Registration for the South Carolina Senior Games is still open.  For more information, go to http://www.scseniorgames.com/.


With added court availability at the end of morning play beginning in March, we have added some new 1-hour slots called "Drilling and Singles". This slot will give players the opportunity alone or with others to work on specific areas of their games. Instructors will NOT be attending these sessions; this is for players to work on skills independently or in groups. Players will also be allowed to use a court for playing singles during this time.  




The next rating sessions will be held on Thursday, April 19th, and Wednesday, April 25th from 3:00 - 5:30 PM.  E-mail Ron Nelson with questions about ratings, or Nancy Rogers to schedule a session.


The City of Aiken is beginning construction at Eustis Park and wants to make sure all of the pickleball players are aware of this. The site demolition and construction is currently underway. Users of Eustis Park must park in designated parking spaces on Edgefield Avenue. Please be cautious of construction work zones along the perimeter of the park.


Just a reminder that we list upcoming tournaments on the "Tournaments" page of this site, which is accessible via the main menu.  If you know of an upcoming tournament, let us know and we will be glad to list it.


The first ever Land of the Sky pickleball tournament will be held in Fletcher, NC (near Asheville) July 6-8 2018.  Registration is now open.  For more information, see the flyer below or go to Pickleballtournaments.com.



We welcome all winter visitors.  If you have been rated in another state or locale, and you plan to be in Aiken for only a few months, please contact one of the player representatives for that level.  (Contact information for the representatives cn be found on the "Contacft us" page of this website.)  A representative will play a few games with you to determine if your rating is in line with our local levels. 



Congratulations to Bill, Al, Bobbi, Dick, and Ray, our honored guests at Friday night's social.  These five players are all 80+ years old.  We are so proud of them and hope that we are all playing pickleball at 80.  We wish you many more happy, healthy years.




Reserving Courts

In our regular effort to tweak our extremely popular court reservation system to best accommodate the majority of interested players and keep courts fairly reserved, the leadership team is making the following changes, effective with the sign-up period beginning February 15.  You do not need to make any changes to courts reserved through February 16.

1. When you reserve a court, place at least a first initial and full last name in the comments block.
2. Any one person can reserve only 2 courts in a time block, even if you have 12 or more players.
3. Note that during the Thursday process of bringing the courts online for player sign-up, there will be a short period of time when the sign-up screen will not be accessible. Players attempting to go to the sign-up site will reach a screen stating that you need a security code to display it. Do not attempt to get a security code. This is part of the built-in process and is an automated message. Please check back a short while later for the opening of the normal sign-up process.
4. As always, do not reserve a court until you have at least 4 people committed to playing at that particular date and time. Since we instituted court-reservation play almost 2 years ago, courts were not to be "held" by anyone in the hope of finding four players. It is extremely unfair to those who have a group committed to play but might be blocked from doing so by a held court.

Thank you.

Jim and Nancy


The Spring Pickleball League will begin soon.  Below you will find some basic information regarding this season’s play.  The major change will be a draft to determine teams.  The captains felt this would make more equitable and fun teams.  The players from Columbia will also be included in the draft.  Players will be included in the draft on a first come, first served basis.

We anticipate the draft to occur the week of the February 19th, so anyone interested should contact us before then.  We may also be in need of one captain.  if you are interested in filling that position, please let us know.

If you are interested in being in the league please respond to: vermilye01@msn.com.

PLEASE NOTE: We all have busy lives and understand that you may have to miss some matches, but please do not sign up if you would have to miss more than half of the dates.


First week of March through the end of May, with possible make-up day in June.

10-12 weeks of outdoor play.  Possible indoor play for rain days.


Thursday evenings:  6:00 PM ladies; 7:00 PM mixed; 8:00 PM men. There may also be 1 or 2 double-headers on Sunday afternoons.


Odell Weeks, Eustis Park, Reserve Club, Woodside CC.


Five teams consisting of 27 - 30 players. (This may change.)                         

Player selection by draft at a meeting with date and time to be determined


2 lines at 3.0, 1 line at 3.5, 1 line at 4.0


$10 per player for season.

Nancy Vermilye