Pickledilly News

Hello Pickledillys. 

We have a few items to bring to your attention.

1) This is a last call for anyone interested in attending the social in honor of Mike and Loretta Beckner. If you have not notified Nancy Vermilye (vermilye01@msn.com), please do so ASAP, as we have to have a final count by May 25th. The social is at 5:00 PM on June 3rd at Trios Grill in the Alley, and will be a $15.00 per person buffet dinner.

2) Thank you all for being so patient with the new check-in system at Odell Weeks. With this new system, the staff at Odell Weeks are able to track the number of players using the facility to play pickleball. The staff has agreed to put the player’s level into the system for us, but this will require patience again on your part. The next time you go into the gym you will be asked to give your rated level. Once they have that in the system, you will not be asked again. Having this information will allow us to have an exact count of who is using the courts and make a fair distribution of designated courts. Thank you for your help.

3) We will be keeping an eye on the balls in the gym on a weekly basis to make sure there are 3 balls per court. Jim and Nancy are the only people authorized to get balls from the front desk. The exception is that a broken ball may be exchanged for a new one. Thank you for understanding. 

Nancy and Jim   


Hi all,

We regularly encounter nets that are damaged where the wooden or plastic post holding the center of the net meets the plastic strap along the top of the net. We have recently had to repair numerous nets, but these repairs are temporary. Some of you may even be a member of one of our unofficial duct tape crews (thank you!). We have asked the City if they can purchase new nets but their budget is extremely limited. 

There are a couple of things we can do to minimize damage to the nets.

1. Keep your paddle off the net: We have seen players at particularly discouraging moments in a match slam their paddles on top of the center post.  Not good for paddles or nets.  This stresses the net strap where it rests on the post and the wear and tear weakens the net at that point. 

2. Do not attach the center post Velcro through the net:  The center post of the net should be positioned between the net and the steel post insert at the base. (See photo.)  If the net is installed properly it will preserve the net and avoid undue wear and tear caused by the small Velcro strip.  Additionally, all Velcro tension straps at the far ends of the net should be loosened before inserting and removing the two side steel posts which support the net.  

(Article continued after photo.)

3. Don't lose or remove the plastic tip at the top of the center post: Most center posts have a small hard plastic tip.  It provides a cushion at the top of the post and helps prevent cutting into the net strapping at the top.  Please be aware of this and make an effort to ensure it is always attached to the center post. 

Thanks for adhering to these first aid measures for our nets. 



Thanks go to Jim Kabel for coordinating a visit by Jessica Eley, Sports Anchor for local News 12 (CBS) and NBC 26, to Odell Weeks and the Aiken Pickledillys this week.  A portion of what she taped was broadcast on News 12 (CBS) at 6:00 and 11:00, and NBC 26 at 7:00.  If you didn't get a chance to watch it, here's a link to the story on the WRDW website:


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The Newman Tennis Center will hold the 2nd Annual Pickleball Slam Tournament on July 7th and 8th.  For more information, go to the "Tournaments" page of this website. If you have questions, contact Karen Ard at (706) 821-1600. 


There is a new pickleball league forming in the Midlands (Lexington and Columbia) area. For more information, see the flyer below.


The USAPA is excited to announce the new official tournament rating system powered by PickleballTournaments.com. The new joint venture will greatly enhance the tournament structure for all pickleball events enabling tournament directors to create fair and balanced player brackets while participants will now know their standings from the newly-created rating system.

“We are extremely excited to bring a fully-automated, results-based ratings and ranking system to our sport,” said USAPA Executive Director Justin Maloof. “We believe this system will be a huge benefit to tournament directors and serve as yet another value-add feature to our members.”

The new USAPA Pickleball Tournament Rating System will be similar to those currently being used in tennis, badminton, squash, table tennis, and other sports. Ratings will be extremely accurate, objective and universal. They will be calculated by computer using strategically-created algorithms and will be based on tournament results from the past two years and adopting weighting factors such as tournament format (sanctioned vs. non-sanctioned), recency of play and strength of the player’s opponent. PickleballTournaments.com worked closely with data specialists from Pickleball Ratings to develop the new ratings system.

“The agreement with the USAPA to provide tournament ratings fulfills a desire we’ve had at PickleballTournaments.com to utilize the large collection of tournament results we’ve collected over the years to improve tournament play experience for players and Tournament Directors,” said PickleballTournaments.com President Melissa McCurley. “These tournament ratings will only grow in the benefits provided to USAPA members as well as USAPA-sanctioned tournaments.”

Unlike the 2-digit skill rating (ex. 3.5) that has been used for many years by players, clubs and tournaments, the USAPA Tournament Ratings will be a 4-digit rating (ex. 3.786) and will prove to be more precise. Based on accumulated statistical data, the 4-digit rating will map to a player’s updated or new 2-digit skill level. Examples, a player rating of 3.994 maps to a 3.5 skill level and a 4.014 rating maps to a 4.0 skill level. The USAPA Tournament Ratings will be calculated for five competitive divisions -- Men’s Singles, Women’s Singles, Men’s Doubles, Women’s Doubles and Mixed Doubles. USAPA member players will be able to check their ratings on their USAPA.org member profile and by July of this year, players will also be able to view their ratings on their PickleballTournaments.com member profile. Additional features will include the ability to access other USAPA member player’s rating, and a list of the “Top 100” rated players in the five divisions.

Improvements to the USAPA Tournament Ratings system will be overseen by an advisory board established by the USAPA. They will include representatives of PickleballTournaments.com, major event tournament directors, 5.0 tournament players, statisticians, and computer scientists.

While we wait for the completion and launch of the new rating system, USAPA will no longer be accepting rating recommendations from tournament directors or raters. Players wishing to appeal his/her rating for an event prior to the release may continue to do so by emailing ratingschair@usapa.org. Players without a rating may self-rate following the guidelines on the USAPA website.

Once the new ratings are in place, players will register for tournaments using the new USAPA Tournament Rating. All registrations prior to the release of the new system will not be affected. An FAQ document is currently being drafted and will be available soon. USAPA and Pickleballtournaments.comwill not be fielding individual questions until the FAQ document is released.


By Mike Beckner

Our Pickledilly Donate Day last week was an unqualified success thanks wholly to your great generosity and unfailing enthusiasm.  Yesterday morning I accompanied our leaders Nancy and Jim to transfer your donations to ACTS.  Ms. Karen Perry, Operations Manager for ACTS, was very gracious in expressing her gratitude for your efforts on their behalf.  The four heaping grocery carts (photos below) will go a long way in feeding local families who desperately need the support. 

Thank you all again for your kindness, both on and off the court.  You guys are the greatest!  Hopefully this is just the beginning of a long tradition of the Pickledillys giving back to our community!

Paddles up!



We are sorry to hear of the passing of one of our players, Charles "Gil" Mullins. An obituary can be found in the April 15 edition of the Aiken Standard. Our thoughts and prayers are with his family.


The dedicated outdoor courts at Virginia Acres Park will be reserved for leagues on the dates and times below.  There are outdoor courts available at Eustis Park and Kalmia Hills Park. For directions to these courts, go to http://aikenpickleball.com/PlacesMap.

4/19 - 5:00 PM - 9:00 PM

4/26 - 5:00 PM - 9:00 PM

4/29 - 12:00 PM - 6:00 PM

5/10 - 5:00 PM - 9:00 PM

5/17 - 5:00 PM - 9:00 PM

5/24 - 5:00 PM - 9:00 PM