Pickledilly News

Palmetto Doubles Invitational Tournament

September 7 to 9, 2018

Odell Weeks Recreation Center

To all Aiken pickleball players,

The Aiken tournament has been a huge success in recent years primarily because of the support of the Aiken pickleball community. This support comes from both registering to play and from volunteering to help make the tournament a fun event for all involved. So please consider both playing and volunteering.

1. Players

Please don't put off registering.  An event of this size is a rare local opportunity. It draws people from all over the southeast.  Many think, before their first competition, "I'm not good enough for tournament play."  But no worries...you will register at your level (3.0, 3.5, 4.0 etc) so that you compete with players of similar skill level!  Even if you don't have a partner, you can still register.  You will automatically be added to a "Needs Partner" list and you can add the details of your partner later. The tournament gives you a chance to play against new people and your registration includes a tournament shirt, lunch for each day you play, and other giveaway items.

To register for the tournament go to https://www.secure.pickleballtournaments.com/welcome.pl?tid=1654.

If you have questions or need more information or if you are having any issues with the software you can contact:

Lisa Miner - Tournament Director - LJ@LisaMiner.com

Mo Garcia - Advisory Panel - mog01@aol.com

2. Volunteers - Referees

There are a number of different ways in which you can assist with the tournament. All medal matches in our tournament are assigned a referee and referees are always available to resolve questions in other matches. Our head referees are Dave Bailey and Loretta Beckner. Mo Garcia will be our Rules Official. They need volunteers to be referees. Some of you have experience as referees and we would love you to step forward again. If you do not have experience but would like to try it, our team will be happy to train you so that you can feel confident by tournament time. Players may also sign up to be referees and we will ensure that you do not have any playing/refereeing conflicts.

If you are interested in refereeing or would like more information, contact Lisa Miner LJ@LisaMiner.com

3. Volunteers - Court Monitors

We have 9 courts in use during the tournament and each court is assigned a monitor. That person directs the players to the court and helps get the game organized. The court monitors do not have to call lines, keep score or make any game decisions. We run two sessions per day, morning and afternoon. Exact times will depend on the number of players registered each day. To facilitate this process, we have set up registration for court monitors on Sign Up Genius. If you would like to volunteer to be a court monitor, please follow this link:


Select a day and time (morning or afternoon) and enter the required information when prompted. If you are flexible and could do either morning or afternoon, please select a day and sign up in the “Flexible” slot. Similarly if the time you would prefer is full, please sign in the “Flexible” slot. As we get closer to the event, some people may find they cannot fulfill their original commitment and we will need substitutes. You will be contacted to confirm and for training, etc. 

Remember the events are organized as follows:

Friday September 7, Men’s Doubles 3.0 60+, 3.0 70+, 3.5 60+, 3.5 70+

Friday September 7, Women's Doubles 3.0, 60+, 3.0 ,70+ 

Saturday September 8, Mixed Doubles

Sunday September 9, Men’s Doubles 3.0 19+, 3.0 50+, 3.5 19+, 3.5 50+, 4.0 to 5.0 all ages

Sunday September 9, Women’s Doubles 3.0 19+, 3.0 50+, 3.5 to 5.0 all ages

Don’t forget, all volunteers get a free Volunteer Shirt and lunch on the day of duty.

Thank you for signing up,

Lisa Miner

Tournament Director


USAPA has approved Mo Garcia as the District Ambassador for the Midlands District in South Carolina.  He is replacing Loretta Beckner.  He currently has 10 local ambassadors in the Midlands District reporting to him.  Mo will be working directly with the Regional Director, Joe Borrelli, who heads the newly aligned Mid-Atlantic Region.  

Mo will be a wonderful asset to USAPA in promoting pickleball in the Midlands.  Please give him your support whenever possible, as he takes on yet another pickleball responsibility!  Congratulations, Mo, and thank you!


The USAPA Board of Directors, the USAPA Ratings Committee, USAPA staff, and the staff from PickleballTournaments.com and PickleballRatings.com are pleased to announce that the much anticipated USAPA Tournament Player Ratings (UTPR) will be released Monday, July 9, 2018. This is a major step for our players, membership and the sport!

We understand you may have many questions about your new UTPR such as "How are ratings calculated?," "How will ratings be used for tournaments?," "My rating is much lower than it was under the previous system, why?" To best answer these questions, we have developed a UTPR FAQ that we encourage you to read carefully.

Frequently Asked Questions

Once you have read through the entire FAQ, if you still have questions send an email to: RatingChair@usapa.org.

This project has been a major commitment and top priority for everyone involved. As you can imagine, we have encountered many obstacles in our journey to provide an accurate and fair rating system for all tournament players. Unlike the old ratings program, the new USAPA Tournament Player Rating System is fully automated. In order to ensure a solid foundation, we are launching a Player History Review Phase. The player review phase is designed to have players actively help to ensure that we have player history as accurate as possible. Correct historical data is critical in order for the system to provide accurate ratings. During this time, we are asking all USAPA member tournament players to carefully review his/her tournament history for errors including:

  • tournament results
  • listed partners
  • divisions played
  • missing tournaments or events

This is a key step in the process that will aid in the most accurate delivery of initial ratings possible. To view your personal tournament history being used to calculate your new ratings, click here. (Member login required).

If you identify a specific issue, such as the ones described above, please report the issue along with any details in an email to: MatchReview@PickleballTournaments.com. Please understand that we will not begin reviewing these errors until Tuesday, July 10. We appreciate your patience during the launch of the ratings. We will be carefully reviewing and responding to all reported errors and we anticipate it will take approximately 2 - 3 months to work through all of the reported issues.

During the Player History Review Phase, the ratings published on Monday, July 9, 2018 will be the new ratings used for all future tournament registrations including the 2018 USAPA National Tournament. Please keep in mind it is possible during this time that your rating may adjust slightly. This may occur even if none of your results change, but something with a partner or an opponent's history can impact your rating. During this time, whatever your rating is at the time you register for a tournament, that is the level you may play. Remember, you can still choose to play up in a higher skill level.

The USAPA Board of Directors wishes to say a special "Thank You" to PickleballTournaments.com, PickleballRatings.com, and the USAPA Ratings Committee for their dedication to this project. We also wish to thank the USAPA membership for their continued support!

Jack Thomas, USAPA President


For news from the Mid-Atlantic Pickleball Region, visit the website at http://midatlanticpb.com/.  The link may also be accessed from  this website by going to Information/Links.


We are pleased to announce that the USAPA has recently approved Chuck Buchanan as the new USAPA Pickleball Ambassador for Aiken, replacing Mike Beckner.

Chuck has been an active player for over six​ years with the Aiken Pickledillys. He recently retired from full time employment and now plans to devote some of his time fostering and nurturing pickleball in Aiken. With the sport pretty well entrenched in Aiken, Chuck hopes to focus on introducing the sport to local high school phys ed programs and to growing the sport in the Aiken County Parks and Recreation system.

Please welcome Chuck as your new ambassador and support him in his efforts to grow pickleball in the CSRA!


Hello Everyone,

The City of Aiken Parks and Recreation Department has increased fees for multiple activities that will go into effect July 1, 2018. Please view the current fees versus new fees listed below.


Current Fee

New Fee


Daily Pickleball           

(Residents and Non-resident members)



July 1, 2018

Daily Pickleball (Non-residents)



July 1, 2018

Annual Pickleball Membership (must have a non-resident membership before purchasing)



July 1, 2018


Rasheka Gaines

Recreation Program Supervisor

City of Aiken Parks and Recreation


During the installation of the new HVAC system at Odell Weeks, the air-conditioning in Gym 2 will be operating at 50% capacity.  With the heat and humidity that we normally experience during the summer, it may feel uncomfortably hot during pickleball play sessions.  Please exercise caution when playing during these times.  It is important to stay hydrated, and to take frequent breaks if you feel overly tired.


Sunday June 3 was a special day for the Aiken Pickledillys.  Loretta and Mike Beckner recently retired in their District and Local Ambassador roles and we celebrated their contributions to the development and growth of pickleball in Aiken and beyond.

Loretta and Mike introduced pickleball to Aiken in 2010. From its earliest days when people were confused by its name and often didn't show up in enough numbers to fill one court, pickleball has grown to an extended community of 500 individuals with enough regular players that the 9 city-provided indoor courts, and often the outdoor courts, are full to capacity.  We are bursting at the seams thanks to Loretta and Mike's outreach. 

The event at Trio's in the Alley was attended by over 80 guests.  Speeches touched on all aspects of the contributions by the Beckners, with representatives from the city, the Ambassador community and the Pickledillys, providing perspective.  Loretta and Mike concluded the evening with emotional remarks capturing the history, humor and excitement of pickleball in Aiken.   

Thank you Loretta and Mike for all you have done to give us a new passion, improve our health, create new friendships and celebrate time together. 

Click here see a collection of photos from the evening.  


We are very pleased to announce that the Onix Fuse Indoor Yellow Ball will be the official ball of the Palmetto Indoor Pickleball Doubles Tournament.

Registration is open and some brackets are filling up so please register quickly in order to reserve your place. Go to PickleballTournaments.com to register.

Events: Men’s, Women’s and Mixed Doubles, age brackets (19+, 50+, 60+, 70+) within skill levels 3.0, 3.5, 4.0, 4.5, 5.0.

Dates:  Friday, September 7th to Sunday, September 9th with practice courts available on Thursday, September 6th.

Location: Odell Weeks Recreation Center, 1700 Whiskey Road, Aiken, South Carolina.

Fee: $45 for one event, $5 for a second event. Includes dri-fit style shirt and lunch on the day of the event.

Social: Friday, September 7th, 7 pm to 9 pm, $12 per person.

Registration: Nelson Spitnale or Lisa Miner - Registration@AikenPickleball.com
Tournament Directors: Lisa Miner or Sally Fuller - Tournaments@AikenPickleball.com



The Edgefield Town Gym has indoor pickleball for drop-in play on Tuesdays at 10 a.m.  The address is 380 Church Street, Edgefield, SC 29824. If you're interested in playing in Edgefield, contact Steve Miner: (408) 877-6547 or steveminer@gmail.com.  Please check with Steve to confirm that there will be enough players if you're coming for the first time.  Please note that there is no air conditioning in the gym.