Board Meeting Minutes 05/01/18

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Board Meeting Minutes 05/01/18

Board Meeting Minutes, Tuesday, May 1, 2018, Room 3, Odell Weeks at 5:00PM

In attendance were Jim Kabel, Nancy Vermilye, Marian Garcia, Dick Diemar, Beverly Edwards, Mike Beckner, Sally Fuller, Joyce Noland, Chuck Wright, Barb Dellamora, Linda Blake, Faith Loeb, Sandy Rowder, Lisa Sanderson and Nancy Racki.



  • Jim Kabel initiated the discussion with regards to the acceptance of the ratings of Augusta players who come to play in court designation in Aiken.  Augusta has formed its own three person rating committee and has incorporated a very similar rating evaluation system.  He stated that the Augusta players had concerns that their ratings would not be accepted for designated court play here in Aiken.  Jim proposed that we allow Augusta player ratings be accepted for our designated court play.


  • Joyce Noland suggested that we accept the Augusta player ratings on a trial basis to observe if the Augusta players play on the same level as our Aiken players with the same ratings.


Confirm – Clinics and lessons will occur in Gym 2 June-Aug

  • Without the use of Gym 1 during the summer months (June-Aug), due to the City’s summer programs, we may need to use Gym 2 to schedule clinics and lessons.  It is unclear at this time how this will impact Gym 2 and the court reservation sign-ups.


  • Faith Loeb suggested that we use the time slot of 3:00-5:30 as courts in Gym 2 are usually available during that time of day. 


  • No decision or schedule has been formulated at the present time.


Update – National Pickleball Month

  1.  Newspaper articles:                   

           a)  Two articles appeared in the Aiken Standard Newspaper during National Pickleball  Month.  The first appeared in the April 15, 2018                     edition of the paper entitled “MEDICAL INSIGHTS:  Pickleball is a great way to be active”.   The second article appeared in the                            April 18, 2018 edition entitled “Paddles Up.  Pickleball growing nationally, especially in Aiken”.

        2. Donate – ACTS:

           a)  There was a tremendous response by our players with donations of non- perishable food items that were donated to ACTS (Area                        Churches Together Serving) on Thursday, April 12.  The volunteers at ACTS were very appreciative of the donations that were                            collected/received.

       3. Round Robin Slam:

           a)  The Round Robin Slam was a success.  The event was well attended with players from Augusta and Columbia. The players had a                      good time.



Local Players on TV

  • Leadership applauded the news story and the players who were recently highlighted on the local CBS and NBC stations. 


Player Reps – handle cards for players

  • Jim Kabel and Nancy Vermilye are recommending that player representatives present and have greeting cards (e.g. sympathy, illness, caring thoughts) signed by their respective players for card distribution.


Sympathy notice on our website

  • There will be an announcement and sympathy notice placed on our website for those in our Pickledilly family or their family members who have passed away.  Once you have signed onto our website, you may place a comment with personal expressions.



4.0 Raters/Ratings

  • The 4.0 raters for the Aiken Pickledillys are Tony Quick and Mo Garcia.  We have been informed that in July the USAPA rating system will be based on tournament results.  This will be effective for all rating levels.  The question then arises as to whether or not we should accept the “outside” ratings.


  • Since our rating system is for court designation play, do we use the new system or keep our current rating system? 


  • Faith Loeb proposed that we accept the new USAPA tournament ratings for the 4.0 level.  Any player below 4.0 will be rated by our present rating system so that they are in their proper court for court designated play.



  • The next social will be held at Trio’s in the alley on Sunday, June 3 at 5:00PM.  The meal will be a buffet style at a cost of $15.00 per person.  Those planning to attend should send an email to confirm to Nancy Vermilye as she will need to provide a head count.    


Places to play – APP

  • To be discussed at a later date.


Additional Notes:

  • Mike Beckner was pleased to inform us that USAPA memberships have increased.


  • Jim Kabel proposed that both Loretta and Mike Beckner become permanent Ex Officio

           Members of the leadership team of the Aiken Pickleball Committee.


Next Meeting

The meeting adjourned at 7:10PM.  The next leadership meeting will be held on Tuesday, June 5, 2018 at 6:00PM at Odell Weeks.