Board Meeting Minutes 01/08/2018

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Board Meeting Minutes 01/08/2018

Board Meeting Minutes, Monday January 8, 2018, Room 1, Odell Weeks at 6:00PM

In attendance were Jim Kabel, Nancy Vermilye, Ron Nelson, Joyce Noland, Loretta Beckner, Mike Beckner, Chuck Wright, Linda Blake, Marian Garcia, Dick Diemar, Beverly Edwards, Jeff Beckner, Faith Loeb and Nancy Racki.

Jim Kabel called the meeting to order.  He expressed condolences on behalf of the Aiken Pickledillys to Marian Garcia whose mother had recently passed away.  Jim informed us that there were 104 people who attended the Aiken Pickledillys holiday social and gave special thanks to Bill Wright who played holiday music on his saxophone for our entertainment.  He announced that a new Director of Recreation had been chosen.  The new director is Resheka Gaines who has been employed by City of Aiken at Odell Weeks for a number of years.


Reserved Mixed Play

  • A meeting was held during the week prior to our board meeting to discuss the formation of Reserved Mixed Play.  Below are the issues that were discussed:
  • Concept:  Giving players a dedicated time to “play up” against better players.
  • Specific reserved court time will be set aside for this each month.
  • Play will be between specific designated levels – initially 3.0L thru 3.0H; and 3.5L thru 3.5H.
  • Twice a month per group – 2 courts during Reserve Court time – Gym 1 

                        3.0L thru 3.0H - Wed. Feb. 14, 21 & 28, Courts 3, Gym 1, 1:00-3:00PM

                        3.5L thru 3.5H - Thurs. Feb 15 & March 1, Courts 2-3, Gym 1, 1:00-3:00PM

                       (Note: 6 players play per court (12 Players total) on a “first come first serve basis”. 48 different players could play per month)

  • Sign-ups for play is to be made thru Sign-up Genius by Dick Diemar
  • An announcement will be made very shortly and names gathered for those interested in playing.
  • First Test Dates:  Wed. Jan. 31 (3.0L thru 3.0H with 6 players total) and Thurs. Feb 1 (3.5L thru 3.5H with 12 players total)
  • It is to be noted that this mixed play concept is in its formation stages and there will be changes made to it along the way depending on how well it is accepted by our players. 
  • Joyce Noland recommended that players who participate in the Reserved Mixed Play should not sign up for Court Reserve on the same day.


League Rated Players

  • Nancy Vermilye stated that league rated players, who have not been rated by our rating committee, should schedule themselves with Ron Nelson to be rated.  Those already rated league players will obtain an “express rating” by which they will be observed playing two games.  Jim Kabel explained that league players rated at 4.0 will come in at 3.5 to be rated by Ron Nelson and the rating committee.  Additionally, all new players will be initially rated at 2.5.
  • Nelson Spitnale has moved non-rated rated players to the 2.5 column on our website players list.
  • Beverly Edwards posed a question in reference to those players rated as “Leadership Committee” versus “Rating Committee” on our players list.  It was explained that these players were rated before our Rating Committee was formed at the inception of the Aiken Pickledillys.  Initially, there were not enough members or players to form an official rating committee.  The structure of our rating system has evolved due to the growth of our members and players.


Recent 5-Point Reminder eBlast/Discussion of Current Morning Play

  • The issue of overcrowding during morning play was discussed.  Nancy Vermilye suggested that when there are twelve (or more) paddles placed in the bleachers waiting for players to play, games should only be played to a score of nine.  In addition, Nancy stated that this needs to be shared with Anne Rheins at the Wilson Family Y in Augusta along with the explanation of ratings and how players are distributed during designated play.
  • Beverly Edwards questioned whether there were non-members of the Aiken Pickledillys who were playing during Court Reservation.  If there are, these players need to become members and obtain their rating.
  • Chuck Wright suggested that a sign be placed on the small dividing white stands that would indicate Court Designation/Player Level/Times so that players can move to their appropriate courts after Open Play.
  • Joyce Noland suggested that when players are using Sign-up Genius to reserve a court that they place their first and last name when they are reserving.  Nancy Vermilye said to leave it as is which indicates first names only.


Ordering of New Balls

  • The City of Aiken Recreation Department will be purchasing new balls for the Aiken Pickledillys.  A short survey was taken by our player reps to determine which balls were preferred by our players, yellow, orange or green.  The preferred ball seemed to be the original yellow (lime green).
  • Mike Beckner suggested that we stick with only one ball for our players to use and the Jugs lime green ball is the known ball.  It is also the most cost effective for the City of Aiken to purchase.  The Jugs lime green ball will be the suggested ball for purchase.
  • Should players prefer to use a different ball during play, e.g. green or orange, they may bring their own and use it only during Court Reservation as some of them already do.


New Player Info

  • Aiken Pickledillys has a bulletin board on the wall in the second lobby with new player information sheets.


Player Reps Responsibility

  • Our leadership team, Jim Kabel and Nancy Vermilye, requested that if there is an issue that needs to be brought to their attention, players need to approach their respective player representative with that issue and not the leadership team.  It is the responsibility of the player rep to then bring that issue to the next board meeting for further discussion.


Next Social

  • There are two tentative socials planned, one each for February and March.  The social in February may be a Noon Lunch Social but no date or time has been determined.  The social in March may be an evening social possibly for St. Patrick’s Day.  Again, no date or time has been determined.


Tournament Update/Invite Directors – February or March

  • Sally Fuller and Lisa Miner will be invited to attend the February or March meeting to give a tournament update.


Additional Remarks:

  • Mike Beckner thanked all of the players who volunteered in various capacities at Christmas In Hopelands.  There were 1800 visitors the evening that the Aiken Pickledillys volunteered.  Kim Coleman, who is with the City of Aiken Parks and Recreation, said that there were 21,000 visitors to Christmas In Hopelands this past season and that the Pickledillys did an outstanding job at being a host, hostess or guide.    
  • Joyce Noland wants it to be noted that our website address will be changed from to  The name Pickledillys itself will not change.  She also raised for future discussion how to manage the growth in numbers of players vs. the availability of court time, especially during winter months.
  • Marian Garcia brought to our attention that a player had an asthmatic attack while playing on a Sunday afternoon.  This was due to the heavy use of a perfume or deodorant by another player on the same court.  She recommended that players be aware and consider that there are people who are allergic and overuse of these substances may cause unpleasant physical reactions.
  • Linda Blake raised the issue of players overstaying playtime during open play prior to Court Reserve.  Players should use courtesy and end their games in a timely manner so that players in Court Reserve can begin to play.



Next Meeting

The meeting was adjourned at 7:44PM.  The next board meeting is scheduled for Tuesday, February 6, 2018, Room 1, Odell Weeks.