Minutes of Player Reps Meeting 7-18-17

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Minutes of Player Reps Meeting 7-18-17
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Minutes of Player Reps Meeting 7-18-17

Minutes of  Player Reps Meeting 7-18-17

In attendance were Tony Quick, Josh Booth, Sally Fuller, Marian Garcia, Jim Hughes, Jim Kabel, Faith Loeb, Ron Nelson, Joyce Noland, Nancy Racki, and Judy Sparks.

Tony called the meeting to order.  As a first agenda item, leadership needs for the coming year were reviewed.  The outgoing team will work with the incoming team to provide a smooth transition.

Tournament Update

Jim Kabel announced that he and Mike Beckner, Tournament Volunteer Coordinators, are working with a great group of 80+ volunteers with a call out for more who wish to participate.  Jim also shared information from Tournament Directors, Mo Garcia and Keith Shaver, and Events Desk Director, Nelson Spitnale, that Thursday will be especially active this year with clinics, lessons, pro-am matches, and evening tournament practice.  There are just over 200 players registered who will be playing on nine  courts Friday through Sunday, August 18 - 20.  Information may be found at aikenpickleball.com with links to pickleballtournaments.com.

September Social

Tony will speak with Nancy Vermilye, Social Activities Chair, when she returns.

Taking Down Nets

There is a concern that players are not taking down nets when they should during the week.  Odell Weeks has allowed us to keep nets up per a schedule that is available at the Main Desk.  For further information go to the “News” section of the website aikenpickleball.com.


There is some concern that people are signing up for courts and then at the last minute canceling.  This happens to everyone, of course, because of unexpected schedule changes, illnesses, etc., but last minute canceling should not be happening on an every week basis.  Players are encouraged to keep others in mind when reserving courts.

Discussion continued with comments about the calendar.  New people are finding it difficult to use the calendar.  Joyce reported that the calendar program we are using is currently experiencing technical difficulties.  Joyce will continue to monitor this.

Unpleasant Behavior on the Courts

It has been noted by some that unpleasant behavior (bullying, loud outbursts, bad language, unreasonable arguments, etc.) on the courts, though rare, detracts from the enjoyment of the sport.  It is understandably difficult for many players to confront this when it happens.  The leadership team, including reps, are looking at ways to effectively address this so that the sport may be enjoyed by all.  It was noted that the City does have disciplinary action it can take.

Player Rating Process

Ron Nelson reported that he thinks the new system will work well.  Feedback from those being rated has been positive.  When new members of the rating team come onboard, they will provide further evaluation.  Ron also shared that the rating date for each person is now posted on the website aikenpickleball.com (Home|People|Player Lists).

New Players Support

Faith suggested that additional people be recruited to work with newcomers.  She and Loretta are planning to meet on this topic.  Jim Kabel and Nancy Vermilye will be a part of this meeting so as to have a more comprehensive look at the issue.  Tony complimented Faith and Loretta on the work that they have been doing in this area.  Faith will give the list of new players to Nelson for input on the website.  It is necessary to have this information for making the court designation schedule. 

Proposal to Increase Website Usage

Jim Hughes announced a fun idea to get Aiken Pickledillys to become more familiar with the website and all the good information that resides there.  There will be something similar to an “Easter egg hunt” on the website where things are “hidden” on a particular page—one that you want people to see/read.  As people find the hidden items, they would send an email reporting their success and then their name would go into a pool for a drawing to win a prize.  The Leadership Team liked Jim’s idea and thanked him for his work on this.  An e-blast will be sent with details to all members.

Joyce added that people may sign up to receive e-blasts by clicking on the green ball on the bottom left side of the Home Page “Get on the ball and join our e-mail list.”

Next Meeting 

Nancy Vermilye and Jim Kabel, new Aiken Pickledillys Leadership Team co-leaders, are working on a list of agenda items for the 2017-2018 year.  The next meeting is tentatively scheduled for Tuesday, September 5, 2017, 6 PM at Odell Weeks.

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