Aiken-Augusta Round Robin

On November 5th, Augusta, Georgia pickleball players joined those just across the river in Aiken, South Carolina for a friendly day of Round Robin play.

Aiken’s group, the Pickledillys, have been playing at Odell Weeks for over four years, whereas Augusta players are newer to the game. Most Augustans learned to play at the Wilson Family Y where pickleball was introduced last year. It was a thrill for Augusta players to be invited to spend a day playing with veteran players on their six beautiful courts at Odell Weeks Recreation facility.

Event organizer, Nelson Swartzentruber, had the wisdom to keep the focus on “social” by not keeping records of scores or games won. Therefore, there were no “losers” or “winners”…well, except for those who won door prizes, which included three Franklin paddles! Additionally, utilizing a random partner format, every team consisted of one Georgia and one South Carolina player, with a new partner for every game. After nine rotations and lunch together, we had all made new friends from across the river!

Augusta Ambassador, Anne Rheins, is grateful to Loretta and Mike Beckner, Aiken Ambassadors, as she has depended on them through every step of development and growth of Augusta Pickleball. She hopes the Across the River social is just the first of many events that bring these two wonderful groups of people together.