Englewood Sun Coast Pickleball Classic

Helen Burgess and David Snyder (Aiken transplants to Florida) and Aiken’s Tony Quick competed in the Englewood Sun Coast Pickleball Classic III Tournament in Florida on December 3- 4, 2016.  The tournament featured outstanding competition from players in the Florida area.  David and Tony won a Silver Medal, and Tony and Helen won the Gold Medal, in their respective divisions.

The tournament was played outside, in hot and humid conditions, with plenty of wind.  Tony appreciates the new Odell Week outdoor courts, because he is now able to play outside and prepare for the conditions outdoor tournaments necessarily present.

David and Tony were hoping for the Gold Medal in the Men’s Doubles, but had difficulty executing a good 3rd shot in the windy conditions. They tried soft 3rd shots, lobs, top spin and underspin drives, but with no consistency or success.  Tony's “Josh Booth” whip, “Around the Post” winner, and “Frank Anthony Davis” down the line volley shots weren’t enough, either. Nonetheless, they will build on this experience, and along with more practice, there will be gold medals in their future!

Helen and Tony won the MX Gold Medal!  According to Tony, Helen played fantastically.  She was put to the test as both of her opponents attacked her with their shots.  Her dinks and volleys were really good, and Tony’s job was to put away her set-up shots.   They beat the Bronze winners in bracket play 11-3, 11-2 (no let-up) and the Silver winners in bracket play 11-3, 11-3 (beat down).   They faced the Silver winners again in the Gold Medal match, and beat them 11-7, 11-4. The opponents changed their strategy and lobbed Helen and Tony, taking advantage of Tony’s sore shoulder.   In the 2nd set of this match, Darlene’s confidence started to falter, so Helen and Tony capitalized on that to close out the match.

One of the highlights of their visit was watching the 5.0 Mixed Doubles final.  They got to watch Simone Jardim, who is currently the best female pickleball player in the world.  She had every shot in the book, a blazing two-handed backhand, fantastic touch, and a killer overhead.  According to Tony, she was, by far, the best player at the tournament.

Hearty congratulations to Tony, Helen and David on their great showing at this tournament!

Tony Quick & David Snyder win 4.0 (50+) Silver at Englewood Sun Coast Pickleball Classic III

Tony Quick & Helen Burgess win 4.0 (60+) Gold at Englewood Sun Coast Pickleball Classic III