Court reservation schedule

In the past, a week's available reserved court slots have been posted on the Friday 10 days prior to the beginning of the week. For example, the court slots for the week beginning on November 20th were posted on Sign-up Genius on Friday, November 10th. We have found that the 10-day advance was so far ahead of the playing date that too often schedules changed and individuals were making numerous updates or had to drop out, leaving a court improperly reserved or free only at the very last minute.

From now on, the available slots will be posted on the Thursday four days prior to the beginning of the week of reservations. For example, the reservation slots for the week beginning on December 11th will be posted to Sign-up Genius on Thursday, December 7th. We hope this change will provide a more current and accurate view for those attempting to sign up for reserved time.

We will test this for a period of time and revisit as necessary based on our experience with it and feedback from players.

Please e-mail Nancy or Jim if you have any questions.