Cedar Creek Pickleball Demonstration

On Saturday evening, May 20, USAPA Ambassador Mike Beckner, ably assisted by Marie Tewkesbury, Jim Kabel, Walter Suescum and Tom Wolfe, conducted a pickleball demonstration at the Cedar Creek tennis center. 

Organized and coordinated by Cedar Creek residents Sandy and Ross Staiger, one of the tennis courts was taped off to accommodate a pickleball court.​ Approximately 40 residents ​from​the Cedar Creek community attended the event.

After a short overview of the history and basic rules of the sport, the demonstrators played a game to show the technique of the serving motion, different shots and strokes involved in the game and some basic strategy.  Once that was completed, interested residents took to the court to try out the sport.

Very positive feedback was received for the demonstration and there is no doubt that pickleball has great potential at Cedar Creek! 

Submitted by Mike Beckner
USAPA Ambassador, Aiken