September 2018 Leadership Team Meeting Minutes

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September 2018 Leadership Team Meeting Minutes

The Leadership meeting was called to order at 5:30 on September 4, 2018.



Bev Edwards                                               Joyce Noland

Gene Thomas                                              Stephanie Wolfe

Vicki Thomas                                               Chuck Buchanan

Linda Blake                                                  Lisa Sanderson

Faith Loeb                                                    Mike Becker

Barb Dellamora                                           Jeff Beckner

Nancy Vermilye                                           Mo Garcia


Welcome and Active Player List

Joyce welcomed all attendees to the new year, and asked all to introduce themselves.  She reviewed how to set up a website account, and requested that anyone needing a website request one by emailing her @  Joyce opened a discussion about cleaning up the active player list. After the tournament, she will send an email to every player regarding their player status. 

Suggested wording: “You are receiving this email because you are on the active player list.  If your information is incorrect, or if you wish to be removed from this list, please indicate. “

Faith asked if Mo is sending new players email addresses to Nelson.  Mo said addresses are collected from beginners’ clinics and emailed just to Faith.  Going forward, Mo will email both Nelson and Faith. 


Sign-Up Genius:

Discussion re reserving courts:

-policy states only ‘members’ can reserve courts

-need  ‘member’ definition: anyone who plays is a member

A consensus decision was made to remove the ‘member’ wording.

Due to limited playing time in the winter, a vote was taken to limit to 3 the maximum number of times per week that an individual may appear on the court reservation list during the first day of reservations.  This policy will be in place before November. 

No drop in and reservation play allowed on same day.

The question of how to monitor the 3x/week rule was raised.         


Compilation of play during July

A handout of July play by daily number of occurrences by level was provided.  This data will be revisited when additional months of data are provided.  Faith asked that the various 2.5 levels be consolidated into one 2.5 level.  


Leadership Roles

A listing of Pickledillys’ Leadership Team 2018-2019 was distributed.  There is a vacancy for Social Director.  Social events are presently held four times yearly. 


Round Robin

Nancy said there would be a Round Robin in October.  She will organize the brackets, and she will need one or two helpers for desk duty. A Round Robin is similar to a tournament, but is a less competitive environment because all players compete against players only at their level. 


Should Up-Level play receive special privileges?

Up-level is 2.5, 3.0, or 3.0 low playing against 3.0 high


-should 2.0 players be allowed to play?

-it was popular at first but has faded

-it’s the same players after a while, and there were complaints about this

-Gym 1 is usually reserved for lessons and clinics

-an organized players group gets to have a court reserved just for them

-there is a learning advantage to players playing with better players

-should this count as 1 of the 3 times/week playing

It was suggested that we poll players to see what they want, using either an email or Website poll.  

This issue was tabled for further discussion. 


Social – late September

Equipment swap?

Bring a friend to PB day?  On a night when we have whole gym, perhaps right after tournament


Trunk or Treat – Saturday Oct 27, 3-6pm, Citizen’s Park

An opportunity to showcase what we do, but it’s not a good fit for PB. 


General Discussion and Questions

Vicki:  How much outdoor court usage is there?

Linda: Is PB doing Christmas at Hopelands? – Yes

Barb: Fall Leagues? – Yes, but Leadership Group doesn’t organize

Mo and Mike: Odell Weeks no longer buying balls.  Need to get together with Tournament Directors and Leadership Team to decide dispensation of Tournament balls. 

Mo: There will be court maintenance on Gym 2 in October. 


The next meeting was scheduled for Tuesday, Oct 2 at 5:30, but was subsequently changed to TUESDAY, OCTOBER 9 at 5:30.


Respectfully submitted,

Marcia Gable